Your Neighbourhood Needs You! GROUPS/3012057789041481 For membership click here The Moray Feu is one of Edinburgh’s special places, and we are so fortunate to have our historic Georgianbuildings and … Read more

BICENTENARY 1822 – 2022

Celebrating the History, Architecture, Gardens & Life in the Moray Estates Archive In 2020 when the question was asked of the Moray Feu residents, they showed 100% support for celebrating … Read more

AGM 2021 Minutes

Minutes of the AGM of Lord Moray’s Feuars held at 6pm on 23 June 2021 in the Moray Place Garden. Present: Dr M Vail Barker, Chair,Mr M Baynham, Prof P … Read more

EGM (Updated with MINUTES) 2021

Extraordinary General Meeting 6 pm, Friday, 30th July EGM of Feuars Responsible for the Upkeep of Lord Moray’s Pleasure Grounds Reception Desk Opens at 5:15 Registration is Mandatory Lord Moray’s … Read more