Your Neighbourhood Needs You! GROUPS/3012057789041481 For membership click here The Moray Feu is one of Edinburgh’s special places, and we are so fortunate to have our historic Georgianbuildings and … Read more

BICENTENARY 1822 – 2022

Celebrating the History, Architecture, Gardens & Life in the Moray Estates Archive In 2020 when the question was asked of the Moray Feu residents, they showed 100% support for celebrating … Read more

AGM 2021 Minutes

Minutes of the AGM of Lord Moray’s Feuars held at 6pm on 23 June 2021 in the Moray Place Garden. Present: Dr M Vail Barker, Chair,Mr M Baynham, Prof P … Read more

EGM (Updated with MINUTES) 2021

Extraordinary General Meeting 6 pm, Friday, 30th July EGM of Feuars Responsible for the Upkeep of Lord Moray’s Pleasure Grounds Reception Desk Opens at 5:15 Registration is Mandatory Lord Moray’s … Read more


JOIN US And Stay Up To Date In this time of quick changes, restrictions and uncertainty, planning events and activities have became either not possible or subject to short … Read more