Bicentenary Year: 1822 - 2022

Historic Gardens In Edinburgh

Four elegant gardens that grace the west side of Edinburgh’s New Town began life as delightful accessories to the Earl of Moray’s Drumsheugh Estate of a mansion house and policies.

Now smart Georgian terrace houses line the 13 streets which form what is Lord Moray’s Feu. Randolph Crescent, Great Stuart Street, Ainslie Place and Moray Place along with Doune Terrace edge just over 11 acres of tree filled, clipped grass gardens nestling between these grand streets; adding a vital green and beautiful space for residents to enjoy.

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Basics at a Glance | Feuars, Residents, Outside Subscribers

What Am I?
A Moray Feuar owns property within the Moray Feu.  They share the responsibility to maintain and pay for the joint gardens as obliged in their burdens.  Only Feuars can attend or vote at the Annual General Meetings and only Feuars can serve on the Gardens Management Committee.

A Moray Resident rents or live in grace-&-favour within the Moray Feu.  Residents don’t have responsibility to support the gardens.  As a result, they don’t have a right to use the gardens, join the committee or vote on garden issues or attend AGM, EGM or any meeting for Feuars. The Committee sadly does not have a formal connection to residents, only with the landlord as a Feuar.

A Outside Subscriber lives outside the Moray Feu but pays a yearly subscription to access the gardens.  This service was withdrawn at the 2021 AGM.  Although closed to new applicants, existing Outside Members are invited to maintain their memberships till they wish to stop.

The Clue is In the Name-Gardens Management Committee
‘Lord Moray’s Feu Pleasure Grounds Committee of Management’ is the full name but we are known as the ‘Garden Management Committee’(GMC) or just ‘The Committee’.  Regardless of the name, the committee’s remit is to manage the gardens.  It is not a Residents Association.  Because of this, it can’t make public representation or handle non garden issues. This includes giving advice on building and planning consent.  There are links* on our website which may be of help in finding the information you need.

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Randolph Garden In or Out?
Randolph Crescent (RC) is part of the Moray Feu, but Randolph Garden (RG) is not.  The land was not feued.  Instead, Lord Moray sold it much later, in 1867, to RC Feuars only.  An agreement with GMC to manage RG was reached, which allowed all the Feu to have access, but no financial obligation.  RG is funded by a second fee to RC only.

Back to Front
All properties have access to and responsibility for Moray (pronounced Murray) and Ainslie Gardens, these are known as Front Gardens.  Properties on the northside of the Feu also have access and responsibility for the Bank Garden, known as Back Gardens.  Southside properties can opt in to the back gardens.  Simply contact Whitelaw Wells.

Money Maker
Commercial use of the gardens is prohibited; this condition is clearly detailed in your property deeds.

Hot Dogs
Dogs are welcomed in the gardens, once they have been registered and have their green tag visible when in any garden.  Dog poo bags and bins can be found in each garden for your convenience. Only these dogs can access the gardens; visiting dogs are not permitted in the gardens.

*Links are provided as a help to the  website user only, the Garden Management Committee is not recommending, endorsing, or responsible.



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