Function Request

The gardens are a wonderful space in which to hold private functions, simply complete this form and submit for approval.

Unless otherwise advised, request is for Moray Gardens.

Private Functions |Feuars and Residents
Feuars and outside subscribers wishing to hold a private function involving 20 or more people must first obtain the consent of the garden’s committee in accordance with the Private Function Policy.  Application forms, which must be submitted to Whitelaw Wells not less than two weeks in advance of the event, can be found on the website.

In applying to hold a private event I acknowledge and confirm that:-

1.           I am aware Gardens are available to other users at all times.

2.           The Feuar organising the private function must first check that the barbecue has not been booked on the sheet in the gardens (and must put their name on the barbecue sheet for the date and time of their proposed event) prior to submitting an application to hold their private event.

3.           I will personally be in attendance throughout the function, ensuring my guests leave the garden on conclusion of the function.

4.           Garden gates will be kept closed and locked at all times and supervised throughout the function.

5.           No bouncy castles, other inflatables or large play equipment.

6.           No amplified music and no music played after 11 pm.

7.           Guests to be asked to order taxis from the door of the feuar organising the function.

8.           I will ensure that all litter, glass, debris and any other items will be removed from the gardens immediately following the event.

9.           No fuel, other than to be used in the fixed barbeque, will be brought into the gardens.

10.         No generators will be used at private functions without specific prior consent in writing of the Committee of Management.

11.         Private events organised on behalf of the Feuars by the management committee take precedence over all other events in the garden.

12.         Only one private event is permitted in each garden at any one time.

13.         Private events are not permitted in the Bank Garden at any time as it is not suitable for such purpose.    

14.         Only Feuars are permitted to hold private functions in the gardens.

15.         I accept personal responsibility for any damage caused to the garden or any part thereof and undertake to pay on demand the cost of making good such           damage as determined by the Gardens Committee.

16.         I fully indemnify the gardens proprietors and the Committee of Management for any liability whatsoever and howsoever out of the holding of my private function. In applying to hold a private event I acknowledge reading and agree to comply with the following rules for private events held in Lord Moray’s Pleasure Grounds.

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    Hire charge is £100
  • By sending in your application you agree to the rules layed down below: No bouncy castles allowed.
    1. No bouncy castles allowed.
    2. No amplifiers allowed.
    3. No music after 11.00 pm.
    4. Functions to end by midnight.
    5. Generators to be switched off by midnight.
    6. Gates to be attended throughout the event.
    7. Any damage to gardens to be paid for. Damage to be costed by committee.
    8. Guests to be asked to order taxis from the door of the feuar organising the function.
    9. Feuar to be personally responsible for clearing all litter, glass, tent pegs and any other items by 11.00 am the following morning.
    10. Feuar to be personally responsible for custody and use of any fuel brought into the gardens.
    You may hire the Awning for the £60. The gardeners will erect and dismantle it. Please contact John Hughes the Gardener, telephone number 07979763711, during working hours, to discuss the three possible locations. Payment should be made on booking approval. Please make cheques payable to Lord Moray's Feuars.

Download the function request form