Committee Members

Meet our committee members below. Should you have a question or comment, please feel free to email the committee...

In the first instance, please email the Convenor-from the below list- most suited to your question.

If unsure, then tap this green button to email the office.

Fiona Young

Mike Baynham Chair Horticultural sub committee

Felicity Griffiths, Family Convenor

Frances Dobson, Convenor Aide-de-camp

Website and Social Media Convenor

Gregor Henderson, Fixtures Convenor
(Arches, Paths, Benches, Railings)

Andrew Dixon, Events Convenor
(Moray Feu Bicentennial Chair)

Ewan Jeffrey, Finance Convenor
(Finance Management)

Ken Dixon, Sustainability Convenor
(Within garden boundaries, external issues we have no control over.)

Secretaries and Treasurers
Whitelaw Wells, 9 Ainslie Place,
Edinburgh EH3 6AT

Sandra Thomson, WW, General enquiries

Kevin Cattanach, WW, Secretary