We employ 2 full time gardeners and a part time student/students to manage the gardens. John Hughes is our head gardener working closely with Melyvn (Mel) and Royal Botanics student Sarah. In summer 2023 we are also joined by Emma. Our horticulture sub committee Mike Baynham, Paul Broda and Ewan Jeffrey advise on all planting and we have partnerships with the Edinburgh Royal Botanic Garden. We have over 600 trees growing in the garden and in the last year alone we have planted some 18 new trees, more than 50 shrubs and 6000 bulbs. In managing our trees we follow best practice as set out in the National Tree Safety Group “Common Sense Risk Management of Trees” published by the Forestry Commission.  Our trees are regularly inspected by the gardeners who have detailed knowledge of our trees and are very good at identifying potential issues at an early stage.  Once potential issues are identified trees are closely monitored and, when necessary, we engage an independent professional arboriculturist to inspect any tree causing concern and then follow his recommendations.

Sarah, Mel and John (Photo Andrew Dixon)

Our gallery and Facebook capture images of the gardens.

Bank Garden planting
Bank Garden Planting

Some documents about the Moray Gardens’ horticulture and Bee population.

We have a set of bee hives near the entrance of Bank Gardens and a team of volunteer bee keepers. The link above has information about the bee population in our gardens, Our book The Moray Feu has further information and wonderful photos of the garden.

Bank Gardens View ( Photo Chris Close)
Bank Gardens view ( Photo Chris Close)