Contractor Access

Yearly Garden Assessments must be paid, before applications can be approved

Access by Tradesperson to the Bank Gardens

Access for tradesperson through the Bank Gardens is only permitted with the prior consent of the Garden’s Committee and in accordance with the Policy on Tradesperson Access to the Bank Gardens. Access must not be taken unless and until approval is given.  Application forms, which must be submitted to Whitelaw Wells not less than two weeks in advance of access being required, can be found below, either to download and post or complete online and email. 

Feuars are responsible for ensuring compliance with these rules by those accompanying them, by their own children and dogs and by their tenants, and shall be bound to make good any damage done.

Policy On Tradesperson’s Access To The Bank Gardens; Feuars Only

Applications for tradespeople’s access to deliver materials to the rear of properties backing onto the Bank Gardens must first be approved in writing by the Gardens Management Committee. 

Applications must be made in the prescribed form not less than two weeks prior to access being first required. For complicated and protracted project, we kindly request a commensurate period of notice.

Applications may be submitted only by Feuars whose properties adjoin the Bank Gardens and whose assessments are currently paid.

Conditions Of Access
  1. The use of the gardens by tradespeople taking access through the gardens must not interfere with the use and enjoyment of the gardens by Feuars at any time
  2. It will be the responsibility of the Feuar granted such access to ensure all tradesmen using the access understand the.
  3. The access gate at Doune Terrace must not be left open. When opened, it must be supervised.
  4. Mechanical equipment is not to be used in the gardens at any time.
  5. Access will be permitted to deliver materials only to the rear of properties with an access to the Bank Garden. Access is not permitted for tradespeople to access a worksite daily or regularly from the Bank Garden.
  6. Applicants must provide specific details of which items of equipment and quantities of materials to be brought through gardens..
  7. No plant, equipment or materials will be left unsupervised anywhere in the gardens at any time.
  8. Portable toilets must not be placed in the gardens or in the vicinity of the access at Doune Terrace. Any Feuar requiring a portable toilet for their tradespeople must ensure it is located as near as practical to the front of their property.
  9. Access will not be permitted through the Bank Gardens for removal of down-takings, debris or spoil. For the avoidance of doubt: contractors’ skips must not be placed within the gardens or in the vicinity of the Doune Terrace access. Feuars requiring a skip for down-takings, debris, spoil or the like must ensure it is located as near as practical to the front of their property.
  10. Feuars granted access through the gardens for tradespeople will be personally responsible for any damage occasioned to the gardens or any part thereof and the fittings and fixtures therein and will be liable to meet the cost of making good such damage as determined by the Committee of Management.
  11. Any Feuar granted access must confirm that their buildings insurance policy duly covers them and their tradespeople employed by them for public liability and for any damage occasioned to the gardens and will inform their insurers of the works being undertaken.
  12. Feuars granted access will fully indemnify the proprietors of the Bank Gardens and the Committee of Management for any liability whatsoever and howsoever arising out of the exercise of access granted through the gardens.
  13. Any breach of the foregoing rules will result in the withdrawal of consent for access.
  • Work carried out on properties where access through the Bank Gardens is required

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Download the contractor access form