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Please keep in mind that the Garden Management Committee is not a Resident’s Association, and is unable to help in any issues outside the gardens. The below links are for your reference only. Garden Management Committee WILL NOT enter into discussion, give advice, or, help in any way with these issues; as they are outside the remit of this committee.

City of Edinburgh Council Home Page

Planning Department

A to Z for Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas Guidance. Provides information on repairing, alterations and extensions. Contains links to other useful information.

Books of Interest
The Care & Conservation of Shared Georgian Gardens by John Byrom. 2018
The Edinburgh New Town Gardens by Connie Byrom. 2005
No More Corncraiks by Ann Mitchell. 1998
The Care and Conservation of Georgian Houses by ENTCC Fourth edition 1995
The Making of Classical Edinburgh by A J Youngson. 1966


Simon Laird Bicentenary Talk- Edinburgh New Town and the Moray Feu in context –