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Your Neighbourhood Needs You!

The Moray Feu is one of Edinburgh’s special places, and we are so fortunate to have our historic Georgian
buildings and streets, close to the city centre amidst incredible green spaces.

We’re also unusual among Edinburgh neighbourhoods because we don’t have a Council recognised body to protect and improve our amenities. This is especially important due to our status as both a conservation area and a part of the
World Heritage Site.

There is currently no representative organisation that can address issues like parking, traffic, planning applications, location filming, waste & recycling, street furniture and lighting, and short-term lets. Now is the time to organise a residents’/civic association that will represent everyone who lives or has a business in our neighbourhood.

What is the goal?
To establish a new organisation, with membership open on a voluntary basis to anyone who lives or
has a business in or immediately adjacent to the Moray Feu.

Members will pay a modest annual subscription; £10 seems to be the norm. Subscribed members will then adopt a simple constitution and elect a volunteer executive committee to further the agreed aims of the association. The new organisation could then apply to be recognised as a Local Interest Group (LIG). The City of Edinburgh Council is obliged to consult with LIGs on proposed changes, as they are entitled to a seat on their relevant Community Council. In our instance, this would be the New Town and Broughton Community Council (NTBCC). The NTBCC has expressed a hope that a LIG could be organised in our neighbourhood and can help in the process of becoming formally recognised.

How is the Gardens Management Committee involved?
The Gardens Management Committee holds a 200-year-old mandate to look after the gardens on behalf of the Feuars Responsible for the Upkeep of Lord Moray’s Pleasure Grounds. We are elected by, and accountable to, only those Feuars who are property owners whose deeds require them to pay an annual assessment to support the gardens. As such, “The Committee” cannot be recognised by the Council as a Local Interest Group for the purposes of consultation. This summer an Extraordinary General Meeting of the Feuars Responsible for the Upkeep of Lord Moray’s Pleasure Grounds voted overwhelmingly to support the formation of such a representative organisation.

The Gardens Management Committee is fostering the initial steps by hosting this meeting. The hope is that the committee and the new neighbourhood group will communicate frequently, collaborate on matters of mutual interest, and organise joint events in the gardens. This arrangement—allied but distinct gardens management committee and residents’ association—has worked successfully in other New Town neighbourhoods like Drummond Place and Regent, Royal & Carlton Terraces.

Sunday, 14th November at 3 PM St. John’s Cornerstone Centre 1a Lothian Road EH1 2AB
Come to learn more, to meet neighbours, and maybe even help get things started!

You’re invited
A meeting to explore establishing a representative neighbourhood organisation.

Sunday, 14th November at 3 PM
St. John’s Cornerstone Centre
1a Lothian Road EH1 2AB

Come to learn more, meet neighbours, enjoy some refreshments
and maybe even help get things started!

The meeting is open to anyone who lives or owns a business in the Moray Feu.

Kindly RSVP by November 7 Email

This will help us facilitate a COVID-safe meeting and sufficient biscuits

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