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In this time of quick changes, restrictions and uncertainty, planning events and activities have became either not possible or subject to short notice change. .

To stay up-to-date with activities and find out what’s happening in our community join our Facebook group, You need to be a Moray Feu owner or resident or a member of the Moray Feu and District Residents’ Association. Also you can join our bicentenary and events newsletter by e mailing requesting that you join.

By being a member you are able to access news, updates, activities. Maybe you need help or simply have a question to ask, log on and the community digitally opens up to you.

To gain access you will need to answer a few simple questions and agree to the group rules. to get started, click the link above. No Commercial activity is allowed though residents can answer questions about recommendations for tradespeople such as roofers, window replacements and builders. Any inappropriate material will be removed by administrators.