Ainslie Place Garden Workshop

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Ainslie Place Garden Workshop

Postponed Until Covid Restrictions Have Been Lifted

The Moray Feu Garden Committee is keeping the possible improvements to Ainslie Place Garden in their agenda of works. Once conditions and regulations favourable change, workshop dates will be announced.

At the Moray Feu AGM on 26 June 2019 I agreed to facilitate an investigation into options to increase planting within the Ainslie Place Gardens (APG). Due to the many and diverse views on this topic I have decided the best approach is to arrange a workshop which will be held at the EIS offices in Moray Place from 6-9 pm on Wednesday 8 April, 2020.

The key outputs from the workshop will be the identification of:

• A single preferred planting option for APG;

• A group of people who will further develop this option to a point where it can be formally submitted and voted on at the June 2020 AGM.

Due to space constraints participants in the workshop will be limited to 30 Feuars. Priority will be given to Feuars who live adjacent to the APG and/or have clear views as to how to increase planting the Gardens. It is of limited benefit to attend if you simply wish to retain the status quo since this option will be available in the subsequent 2020 AGM vote.

If you would like to attend this event I would be grateful if you can provide your name and contact details to Sandra Thomson at Whitelaw Wells by Wednesday 18th March 2020. Further details will be provided once a final attendee list has been agreed.

Thank you

Fiona Young

Chair, Moray Feu