Dog Registration Form and Code of Conduct

Only dogs registered with the Secretaries and wearing their specially issued tags are allowed in the gardens.  Dogs are only permitted in the gardens in the charge of the owner or their appointee who must be able to exercise effective control of the dog at all times.

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Dog Code of Conduct

Dogs are to be kept under effective control, in line with the Control of Dogs (Scotland) Act 2010.

This means that dogs should either be:

  • Kept on a lead, or kept in sight at all times, with the key-holder or appointee aware of what it’s doing and confident it will return promptly on command.
  • Any dog, regardless of its breed, can cause apprehension, alarm, or even injury if its behaviour is ‘out of control’. This does not necessarily involve aggressive behaviour, but could involve running up to, barking at, or jumping at other people or other dogs. What may seem like playful, friendly behaviour to one person, can be alarming to another. Key holders and appointees have a responsibility to ensure that their dog does not impede the enjoyment of the gardens for others.
  • Faeces of dogs must be picked up immediately by the key-holder or appointee, in line with the Dog Fouling (Scotland) Act 2003. Bags and bins are provided for this purpose. When taking dogs into the gardens after dark, key-holders or appointees must carry a torch. Please pick up other other poo you see – even if it’s not your dogs. This will help keep gardens clear of dog faeces.
  • Dogs allowed in the gardens should be regularly wormed.
  • Dogs must be kept on a lead at all times between the hours of sunset and sunrise.
  • Dogs are not allowed shrubberies or the flowerbeds and should not cause damage to the lawns.
  • Key-holders will make anyone they appoint to walk their dog in the gardens aware of the relevant parts of this code
  • During Summer months the committee will confirm times when dogs must be kept on leads in Moray Place Gardens for health and safety of other residents, children and picnickers.

The Committee reserves the right to require dogs to be kept on a lead at all times or restrict use of the gardens by specific dogs if this code is not followed.

I/we read and understood the code of conduct, and agree to comply with the code as a condition of my dog’s access to Lord Moray’s Pleasure Grounds.

Dog Code Of Conduct

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