Spring Update Letter 2021

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Cherry Blossom in Ainslie Place Garden

Dear Neighbour,

Firstly, if you are a newcomer—welcome to the Moray Feu!  If you’re a long-time resident, you know how special springtime is in our beautiful communal gardens.  We’re all looking forward to longer days and warm weather so that we can enjoy them at their height of beauty.

If you haven’t yet joined the private Moray Feu Facebook group, please do!  We have over 240 members now, and it’s a great place to ask questions, offer resources, post lost and found items, and generally connect.  if you are on Instagram, there are gorgeous photos of the garden at moray_feu_gardens

Another great place to learn about the Feu, its history, and how the gardens are managed is our web site morayfeu.com. There, you’ll find the feuars’ Handbook, which contains contact information for the committee and the garden regulations that have been approved at the Feu’s Annual General Meeting, held each June. Residents collectively own the gardens, and so we also are jointly responsible for their care. Some key things to keep in mind.

Garden use has been historically high this year.  So many of us have found solace, recreation, and respite in our precious green spaces.  We collectively own the gardens, and so we also are jointly responsible for their care.  Some key things to keep in mind:

◊Every dog must be registered, with the green LMF tag displayed on the dog’s collar or otherwise present when the dog is in the garden.  Email Sandra Thompson (sthompson@whitelawwells.co.uk) to arrange registration, payment,and collection of your green tag.

◊We don’t have the capacity to collect and store more than a bag of rubbish an any given week. And, overflowing bins attract vermin-yuk! Please take the wrappings, bottles, and other remainders of your picnics home for disposal rather than using the bins in the garden, which are meant for windblown litter.

◊Portable BBQs may be used, as long as they are not placed directly on the grass and are under constant supervision.

◊ Only soft balls are to be used for games-please don’t use regulation ruby, hockey, or foot balls.  

◊ Dogs and their humans can help protect our planting by staying of the plants and staying to the grassy areas and out of the beds and shrubberies.

◊For the safety of our children, please check that the gate is closed and locked when you are coming and going from the gardens.

We have two new BBQs and a much-improved BBQ area in the Moray Place garden; they will be ready for use in early May. Meanwhile, a temporary BBQ (and pizza oven) are available. Please reserve your date on the sign-up sheet in the notice board by the Great Stuart Street gate.

Finally, there are several vacancies on the Management Committee and clearly lots of people with great ideas about how we can beat balance the needs of all garden users: we welcome your application.

Warm regards, the Moray Feu Gardens Management Committee